How to cancel a pending Venmo payment?

How to cancel a pending Venmo payment?

How to cancel a pending Venmo payment? No matter if you’re making an online purchase from an e-commerce site or paying for someone’s services, we rely on various online payment methods. While larger platforms have their own payment systems, smaller websites and services typically use third-party payment gateways. Among the many options available, Venmo stands out as a widely used choice.

When you transfer money to someone using Venmo, the money is immediately added to their account balance. Unfortunately, you cannot undo or cancel a payment once it has been sent because Venmo transactions are very fast. If you mistakenly send money to someone who also uses Venmo, you will need to send them a request asking for the amount back. However, there are situations where you can cancel a payment: if you send money to a phone number or address that is not associated with a Venmo account.

We have created a detailed guide that explains the cancelling a Venmo transaction in progress. By reading this guide, you can easily learn the steps to cancel a payment made through Venmo.

So without making it late, let’s get started and know:

How to cancel a pending Venmo payment?

Before learning about the steps to retract a pending Venmo payment, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions. Sadly, due to Venmo’s instant payment feature, it is not possible to stop a payment once it has been made.

When you use Venmo to send money, it goes directly into the receiver’s account instantly. Venmo’s terms and conditions state that once the money is deposited, it cannot be cancelled or returned to the sender. This is good for the receiver’s security, but it can be problematic if you accidentally send money to the wrong account.

But if you see the pending status of the payment, then you can follow the steps to stop a pending payment on Venmo. Don’t worry, we will discuss that in a while.

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How to void a pending Venmo payment?

Venmo is a helpful tool for instant money transfers. However, its speed can sometimes lead to mistakes. Here are some common cases where you might need to cancel a Venmo payment:

Sending the wrong amount

It’s easy to accidentally type in the wrong amount, like sending $55 instead of $5. 

Sending to the wrong account

You may mistakenly send money to the wrong recipient, like Robert-11 instead of Robert-1.

Duplicate payments

If you thought the first payment didn’t go through and sent another one, only to realize both went through, you might need to cancel one.

Knowing how to cancel a Venmo payment becomes crucial in such cases.

Now, since you are waiting so long about the process of cancelling an ongoing Venmo transfer just continue reading.

See, if you send the payment to an inactive email or phone number, act quickly. As you can easily cancel the payment, otherwise, the recipient will receive a notification to open a Venmo account and claim the money.

Now I am hoping that you want to cancel the transaction if it shows pending.

Steps to cancel a pending Venmo payment?

To proceed with the process of revoking a pending Venmo transaction, follow these steps in the Venmo app:

  • Open the Venmo app.
  • Go to the Me tab available on the home screen.
  • Enter the Transactions section.
  • Locate the pending transaction and select Take Back.

Once you tap on the take-back option, you should get the payment instantly in your account. In some cases, it may take more time.

So this was all about undoing a pending payment on Venmo. I hope this guide to cancelling a pending Venmo payment was helpful to you. In case you are still facing problems, you may connect with Venmo customer support and ask for the process of cancelling an unsettled Venmo money transfer. The team will assist you in the best possible way.


Venmo is a popular online payment app to send or receive funds, but it does not allow cancelling the payments once they have been sent. It’s important to double-check the details before sending money through Venmo to avoid any mistakes. While there are specific situations where payments can be cancelled, such as sending money to inactive accounts, it is generally not possible to reverse a payment. So make sure to be more cautious while sending the money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Venmo cancel a pending transaction?

Yes, Venmo can cancel a pending transaction. Once a transaction is initiated, it cannot be undone unless the payment is pending. So if you want to cancel, you can only do if you see the pending status.

Why is my Venmo payment stuck on pending?

It could happen due to multiple reasons, such as wrong details, insufficient funds, or account issues. Usually, you should get a notification about the exact reason.

How do I cancel a pending bank transfer on Venmo?

You should get the option to cancel or else cancel a pending bank transfer on Venmo; you need to contact Venmo support. They can assist you in solving the issue and provide best solutions as well.

How do I cancel a Venmo payment to me?

Since you can not send the Venmo payment to yourself so it means the case will never occur when you have to cancel a Venmo payment sent to you only.

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